If it hasn’t happened to you yet there is a strong chance it will. Unbeknown to me it all started on my first trip to Bali.


The weather was hot and I was eating super healthy. I just could not understand why I was continually having one of those dreaded fat moments. On my return home I seemed to have put on a few more kilos and throughs horrible hot feelings just seemed to hang around. Next were the hot flushes and even more kilos, then reality hit me … menopause!


Not only did I have to put up with the extra kilos and hot flushes but I couldn’t buy clothing that were comfortable and cool to wear with style. Why buy more clothes I thought, I will just go to the gym and shed a few kilos. Well that is what I thought; the only thing I got was a hernia and more depressed.


A friend of mine said, “Just embrace your curves and get on with it” and that is what I did. My next problem was where can I find plus size clothes that will not make me look like a sack of potatoes. I wanted quality made clothes that had style. After two years of trying all sorts of clothes made from polyester and cotton blends I came across Linen but it was expensive. So at the ripe old age of 21 years plus (cough, cough) and after much research I decided to do something about it hence, Plus Size Linen was created.


Plus Size Linen can deliver you plus size Linen clothes that are stylish to wear and made of 100% Linen. You should try our Linen tops or Linen pants because we are sure you will find them super comfy and cool to wear. I regularly get compliments about our clothes and designs. Ladies even stop me in the street and asked, “Where did you get that top from or my Linen pants”. Naturally I direct them to www.plussizelinen.com.au. We have also chosen Linen clothes that can be mixed n matched. Our sizes cater for curvaceous women from size 16 -28 and of all ages, the added bonus is you can buy our clothes online in the comfort of your home at great prices. “So we encourage you to embrace your curves and natural beauty.”


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